Hypoport Sofia is part of the German FinTech network Hypoport, and working in a network has it’s advantages. As well as being able to enjoy the company’s culture, friendly environment, and the opportunity to grow no matter what product or team you work in, it also applies to the different locations across Europe. Kristina Parsehyan, who is a Software Engineer for Hypoport B.V. in the Netherlands recently returned to Bulgaria and will tell us more about the change of location and how the company organizes this transition.


Tell us a little more about yourself and your life in the Netherlands?

Kristina: Of course. I am passionate about the tech and its potential to drive progress. Besides software development, I enjoy exploring nature – whether hiking in the mountains, cycling or simply walking in the park. At Hypoport BV, I grew a lot as a professional, with the help of my colleagues who were not just teammates but also became mentors and friends. Living in the Netherlands was not just a professional milestone but also a cultural experience – I also embraced the Dutch work-life balance, celebrated local traditions, and cultivated lifelong international friendships.


What was the biggest challenge you faced in your life there?

KristinaThe weather :D. I found sunshine in the coziness of Dutch social life.


When did Hypoport B.V. appear as an opportunity?

KristinaOne day I was approached by a recruiter who highlighted the company’s role in the financial sector. The company’s in-depth and proven methodologies, and its commitment to creating high quality products, the team’s spirit and commitment convinced me that this was the place where I could both contribute and grow.


How did you decide to move back to Bulgaria? Was it a difficult decision, given that you already had established your life?

KristinaWhile the Netherlands offers great quality of life, I missed home and decided I want to be closer to my friends and family. The working environment is the same across the entire network and I could continue enjoying the same culture here in Bulgaria.


How does your working day go and is there a difference now that you are home?

KristinaI work on the same project as previously and I’m happy to be part of the same team, because the colleagues are amazing, and we always work together to achieve the product goals.
We add additional new features, so there is always lots of engaging tasks during my workday.
The transition to Bulgaria was quite smooth thanks to the welcoming spirit of the Bulgarian team.


Our company offers Workation as an opportunity to work from another destination in Europe. Do you have any other location in mind?

Kristina:  Presently, my job at Hypoport is very fulfilling and my new life in Bulgaria is great, so I have no ambitions for another destination.

What would you wish your colleagues who are considering changing their work location?

Kristina: Be brave. The world is dynamic and offers so many opportunities.
With a culture like Hypoport’s and the friendly environment that fosters growth, collaboration, and genuine satisfaction, explore the different cultures, and enjoy all that different countries have to offer.



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