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    Who we are

    At fundingport, our vision is to facilitate connections within the financing market by bringing expertise and transparency to a historically fragmented industry. To achieve this goal, we’re building an end-to-end financing and administration platform for corporate loans and renewable energy projects. Now in our second year, we’re growing our remote-first, distributed team!  

    While a startup, fundingport is part of the Hypoport Group, a network of tech companies building products for the credit, real estate, and insurance industries. Therefore, we combine the fast-paced, agile culture of a startup with the security of a 2,000 person, German-listed corporation.  


    Let’s change the

    What fundingport does

    The financing market is fragmented, intransparent, and still largely non-digital. In addition, there is a huge barrier to entry due to information and power asymmetries. Therefore, we’ve observed that good borrowers don’t find good lenders, which has the potential to leave company visions unrealized and money on the table. 

    In response to these challenges, fundingport provides borrowers and lenders: 

    • Access to new business opportunities
    • Control over the financing process and loan administration
    • Efficiency, process improvements, and digital transformation
    • Expert guidance and support at every step
    • A secure, trustworthy platform for managing financing requests and opportunities

    Team Size

    We’re around 25 people at this point – we’re based in Hamburg, Berlin, Warsaw, Zagreb, Cambridge, Kyiv, and Sofia.



    What makes fundingport so special?

    We are a truly international team with team members distributed across Germany, Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland, and Ukraine. Team members are welcome to work from beautiful Hypoport offices, but a remote-first mindset shapes our culture.

    fundingport’s values center around enabling each other to do our best work, creating connections internally and in the financing market, and positively contributing in a solution-oriented way. We’re a dedicated and passionate bunch, committed to bringing great products to life while still maintaining a good work-life balance.

    Value bullets:

    • We enable each other to do our best work
    • We create connections
    • We are all part of the solution